ISSUE02 focuses on IDENTITY.  We want to examine how we are brought up and what we seek out when we create our own identity.  What is imposed on us and what comes from within? What do we feel, what don’t we feel? Do we have our own singular identity or do we identify as part of a collective? What happens when we lose our identity? What happens when we recreate it? What defines us? Is there even a need to define our identity?            

Our identity can be formed by many different factors: place, environment, people, friends, religion, networks, interests, economics, sexuality, race. What do we grow in opposition to? Consider not only the identity of yourself and other people but of countries, companies, political parties, collectives. This is a spattering of questions we are asking that in no way even begin to scratch the surface of this topic. 

From Mennonites in Mexico to musicians in Johannesburg, the collectivity of microorganisms to the Hong Kong protests, suburban Japan to metropolitan Armenia, elfsluts to skaters, the Tower of Babel to the City Palace of Jaipur - you’ll find it all in SOFT EIS ISSUE02 IDENTITY. SOFT EIS isn’t your normal magazine where content sits on blank pages, we push designers to use every inch of space to create something wacky, weird, and wonderful. We challenge the status quo of publication, choosing projects that are deeply personal, highly unusual, and always experimental.

Cover and logo designed by Martina Rastočić. Internal chapters designed by Claire Hovine, Nathaniel Brown, Alexander Naumann, and Martina Rastočić respectively.

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