started as a magazine, and the magazine is now SOFT EIS Presse, a publishing house based in Berlin. SOFT EIS came from an idea to explore dualities in all shapes and forms; softness and hardness being the two principle dualities that informed our first issue on sex. The magazine is personal. Through the nature of the topics we address, we intend to highlight that being open about intimate topics is not a vulnerability. Being vulnerable is radical and a strength to be celebrated. Being soft isn't being weak, the same way that being hard isn’t being strong.

SOFT EIS Magazine assembles contributors from all over, asking for submissions on the topic in the form that they see fit. We place no restrictions on form and encourage conversations of every conceivable kind. SOFT EIS is grounded in the personal. We meet and work with every contributor for months on their ideas and drafts until we are both happy with the end result. 

SOFT EIS is a celebration of the individual, and simultaneously a celebration of the strength and quality of work when people come together to examine a topic from all angles.

We are Lilo and Maïté, Co-Founders and Co-Editors-In-Chief. Based in Berlin and Rotterdam respectively, we started SOFT EIS in 2018 with every intention of making it a small booklet of submissions from friends, and no intention, or idea, of what was to come. Cut to the end 2020 and we’ve just released ISSUE02 IDENTITY, a mammoth 300 page magazine/book/baby. 

Our four wonderful designers are Martina, Claire, Nat, and Alex. All based in Berlin, it is their designs that you see in this respective order in ISSUE02. 

Our incredible web designer and programmer is Jack Murray-Brown. He originally joined SOFT EIS to work on an entirely different project (watch this space) but additionally designed and programmed our beautiful shiny website.

In ISSUE01 we had the great pleasure of starting this whole adventure with Dom and Lucas. Dom is based in London, while Lucas is based in Berlin.

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